Nov, 2015 6

Nov, 2015 7

Reasons, Explanations and Rational Accountability

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 23:59

A two-day workshop with Constantine Sandis, Frank Hofmann, Maria Alvarez, Ulrike Heuer and Magnus Frei. – Programme:

November 6 (Miséricorde, MIS08, 0102):

14.00h “Treating Others as Accountable”
Magnus Frei (Fribourg)

16.00h”Citing Inadequate Reasons”
Constantine Sandis (Hertfordshire)

November 7 (Miséricorde, MIS04, 4122 (Salle Jaeggi)):

10.15h”Responsibility and Control”
Ulrike Heuer (Leeds)

14.00h”Beliefs, Accountability, and Control”
Maria Alvarez (London)

16.00h”Virtue and Rational Agency in Belief Formation”
Frank Hofmann (Luxembourg)