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Jun 8

Workshop: Moral Understanding, Virtue and Moral Competence

Maude Ouellette-Dube Time: 14:00 - 18:15 Other

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022


Afternoon Workshop

Moral Understanding, Virtue and Moral Competence

14 :00 – 15 :15 Miloud Belkoniene (Glasgow)

Fostering Understanding



15:30 – 16 :45 Paulina Sliwa (Vienna)

Moral Inquiry



17 :00 — 18:15 Bridget Clarke (Montana)

Virtue, Competence, and Being Oneself


University of Fribourg, Miséricorde,

Room: Salle Jäggi (MIS04 4112)


Organized by Ralf Bader and Maude Ouellette-Dubé

Everyone is welcoming, please register by email: maude.ouellette-dube@unifr.ch


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May 30

Jun 1

Conference: Rational Capacities in Thought, Perception, and Action

Dear all,

We’re delighted to invite you to our upcoming conference “Rational Capacities in Thought, Perception, and Action” which will be held from 30th May to 1st June 2022.
Please find the conference poster and program below.
If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Andrea: andrea.giananti@unifr.ch.



For the …

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May 30

May 31

Conference: Rational Capacities

With Henrike Moll, Giacomo Melis, Adrian Haddock, Eric Marcus, Lucy Campbell and members of the Warwick/Fribourg research project.

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Nov, 2021 18

Nov, 2021 19

Workshop Aesthetics & Critique IV

Aesthetics & Critique Workshop IV
Contemporaneity/Zeitgenossenschaft/Le contemporain

Universität Fribourg & FriArt

18.11.21, 14h-18h

Location: FriArt, Petites-Rames 22, Fribourg

“Aesthetic Practice in Contemporary Conditions”
Jacob Lund (Aarhus University)

“Contemporizing the Classical /Classicizing the Contemporary”
Peter Osborne (Kingston University London)

“The Critique of Contemporary Art”
Ludger Schwarte (Kunstakademie Düsseldorf)

19.11.21, 9h-12h


Location: Uni Fribourg, …

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Jun, 2021 30

Jul, 2021 1

Politics of Attention

Robert Mikael Dürrmeier Time: 10:30 - 19:30 Other

Wednesday June 30th

10:30 Welcome word

11:00 – 12:30 – Christian Maurer (University of Lausanne) : « Attention in Tolerance »

14:30-16:00 – Zeynep Pamuk (University of California, San Diego) « The Politics of Scientific Attention »

16:30-18:00 – Isabel Kaeslin (University of Fribourg) « Which Kinds of Collectives can Pay Attention? »


Thursday July 1st

10:30-12:00 …

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Mar, 2021 15

Mar, 2021 16

Kant on A Priori Knowledge and the Necessity of the Categories. Workshop with Adrian W. Moore (Oxford)

Mario Schärli Time: 10:15 - 16:00 Other

Monday, March 15th 2021

10.15-12.00: Adrian W. Moore: “Armchair Knowledge, some Kantian Reflections”

14.15-16.00: Isabel Käslin: Comment on Adrian W. Moore & discussion


Tuesday, March 16th 2021

10.15-12.00: Anil Gomes, Adrian W. Moore & Andrew Stephenson: “The Necessity of the Categories”

14.15-16.00: Paola Romero: Comment on Gomes, Moore & Stephenson & discussion


The workshop will be taking place …

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Dec, 2020 3

Functions of Attention: Second Workshop of the Aesthetics & Ethics of Attention SNSF Reseach Project

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 10:30 - 18:30 Other



10:30-11:00 Introduction


11:00-12:15 Natalie Depraz (Rouen)

“Between Attention and Surprise. On Attentional Modulation”

comments by Emmanuel Alloa


12:15-13:45 Lunch


13:45-15:00 Diego D`Angelo (Würzburg)

“Attention as holistic access. Synaesthesia, focus, and the constitution of the world”

comments by Susanne Schmetkamp


15:00-15:45 Break


15:45-17:00 Sebastian Watzl (Oslo)

“Salience plays a rational role”

comments by Isabel Kaeslin


17:15-18:30 Christopher Mole (Vancouver)

“The Moral Psychology of Salience”

comments …

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Jun, 2019 17

Conference: “Fiction and Cognition”

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 23:59 Other


Mariìa Joseì Alcaraz Leoìn (University of Murcia): “More than Make-believe: On the Uses of Imagination in Understanding Fictional Literature”

Stacie Friend (Birbeck College): “The Empirical Dimension of Learning from Fiction”

Peter Lamarque (University of York): “On De-Emphasising Empathy Among Responses

Eileen John (Kent University): “What Is it Like to Experience Something as Fiction?

Derek …

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