Mar, 2021 15

Mar, 2021 16

Kant on A Priori Knowledge and the Necessity of the Categories. Workshop with Adrian W. Moore (Oxford)

Mario Schärli Time: 10:15 - 16:00 Other

Monday, March 15th 2021

10.15-12.00: Adrian W. Moore: “Armchair Knowledge, some Kantian Reflections”

14.15-16.00: Isabel Käslin: Comment on Adrian W. Moore & discussion


Tuesday, March 16th 2021

10.15-12.00: Anil Gomes, Adrian W. Moore & Andrew Stephenson: “The Necessity of the Categories”

14.15-16.00: Paola Romero: Comment on Gomes, Moore & Stephenson & discussion


The workshop will be taking place …

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Dec, 2020 3

Functions of Attention: Second Workshop of the Aesthetics & Ethics of Attention SNSF Reseach Project

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 10:30 - 18:30 Other



10:30-11:00 Introduction


11:00-12:15 Natalie Depraz (Rouen)

“Between Attention and Surprise. On Attentional Modulation”

comments by Emmanuel Alloa


12:15-13:45 Lunch


13:45-15:00 Diego D`Angelo (Würzburg)

“Attention as holistic access. Synaesthesia, focus, and the constitution of the world”

comments by Susanne Schmetkamp


15:00-15:45 Break


15:45-17:00 Sebastian Watzl (Oslo)

“Salience plays a rational role”

comments by Isabel Kaeslin


17:15-18:30 Christopher Mole (Vancouver)

“The Moral Psychology of Salience”

comments …

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Nov, 2020 11

EXRE Colloquium: Gregor Kozlowski’s talk on “Why Should We Care about Biodiversity?”

Speaker: Gregor Kozlowski
Date & Time: Wed, 11 Nov 2020, 17:15-19:00.
Room: MIS02, 2122.

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Oct, 2020 7

EXRE Colloquium: Maude Ouellette-Dube’s talk on “Moral Understanding as Understanding How”

Speaker: Maude Ouellette-Dube
Date & Time: Wed, 7 Oct 2020, 17:15-19:00.
Room: MIS02, 2122.

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