Oct, 2009 2

Oct, 2009 5

Workshop: Prodoc Workshop

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 10:00 - 18:00

Friday 2nd October
14.30-15.45 Federico Lauria, Is Desiring a counter-factual Belief ?
16.00-17.15 Akiko Frischhut, Metaphysical views on the specious present

Saturdary 3rd October
09.00-10.15 Jack Darach, Deictic Acts: Knowledge at the Root of Belief
10.30-11.45 Alain Pé-Curto, Value Calculus (Organic Unities)
14.00-15.15 Davide Fassio, How truth doesn’t govern belief
15.30-16.45 Maksymilian Del Mar,The Experience of Normativity

Sunday 4th of October
09.00-10.15 Fabrice Theler, Representational Theories of Qualia
10.30-11.45 Johannes Stern, A Plea for Syntactical Treatment of Modalities