Nov, 2016 14

Nov, 2016 16

Joint International Conference on Rational Capacities

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 23:59

Co-organized by the Institute of Philosophy, University of Luxembourg, and the Department of Philosophy, Saarland University.


Rebekka Gersbach
Alex Gregory
Frank Hofmann
Christoph Kelp
Daniel Löwenstein
Susanne Mantel
Thomas Pink
Eva Schmidt
Daniel Star
Barbara Vetter

Time schedule:

Monday 14 Nov.:
9.30-11.00 Daniel Star, “Normative ignorance, responsibility, and moral worth”
11.15-12.45 David Löwenstein, “Know-how as competence”
14.30-16.00 Eva Schmidt, “The role of rational capacities in possessing reasons”
16.30-18.00 Rebekka Gersbach, “Rational capacities for practical reasoning”

Tuesday 15 Nov.:
9.30-11.00 Frank Hofmann, “On the varieties of inference”
11.15-12.45 Thomas Pink, “Rational capacities and scepticism”
14.30-16.00 Susanne Mantel, “The influence of normative beliefs”
16.30-18.00 Barbara Vetter, “The metaphysics of capacities”

Wednesday 16 Nov.:
9.30-11.00 Chris Kelp, “Inquiry and the transmission of knowledge”
11.15-12.45 Alex Gregory, “Why do desires rationalise actions?”

Venue: Campus Belval, Esch-Belval, Luxembourg

Organizers: Susanne Mantel (Saarland University), Eva Schmidt (Saarland University), Frank Hofmann (University of Luxembourg