Dec, 2015 16

Intentionality and the First Person: Workshop with Johannes Brandl (Salzburg)

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 09:00 - 19:00

Location: Beauregard BQC 2.518

09:15–10:00: Florian Wüstholz (Unifr): Why self-ascription has to be primitive
10:00–10:45: Johannes Brandl (Salzburg): Reply & Discussion
11:00–11:45: Gianfranco Soldati (Unifr): Reply & Discussion

13:45–15:00: Patrik Engisch (Unifr): Meinongian and Quasi-Meinongian Intentionality
15:15–16:15: Andrea Giananti (Unifr): Perceptual Knowledge and Self-Knowledge: Rescuing Epistemological Disjunctivism from the Basis Problem

17:15–19:00: Johannes Brandl (Salzburg): Self-Reference and First-Person Authority (This talk will be in room MIS 4122.)