1. Davood Bahjat Fumani

    Dear all,

    Just a quick reminder about the last session of our EXRE Colloquium this semester, which takes place tomorrow: we’ll have the pleasure of hearing Miloud Belkoniene’s talk on “Fostering Understanding” at 17:15, room MIS02, 2122.

    Here is Miloud’s handout for the talk:

    Below you will find his abstract.

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    Since the recent revival of interest in the epistemology of understanding, the question as to whether understanding can be transmitted through testimony has attracted the attention of several philosophers. Most would agree that propositional knowledge can be transmitted through testimony although what such transmission precisely involves is a matter of controversy. But when it comes to understanding, the role others’ testimony plays is less clear. In the present paper, my aim is twofold. First I intend to provide a critical examination of the claim that understanding can only be fostered as opposed to being transmitted to another person by inquiring into the considerations that can be put forward in favour of the conclusion that testimony cannot be the source of understanding. Second, I intend to offer, as a result of this examination, an interpretation of that claim that allows shedding new light on the specificity of understanding’s social dimension.