Sep, 2019 25

EXRE Colloquium: Jiri Benovsky’s talk on the No-Self view and the Meaning of life

Davood Bahjat Fumani Time: 17:15 - 19:00

Dear all,

I’m very excited to announce you that the first session of our EXRE Colloquium this term will take place on this Wednesday, Sep 25, at 17.15 in room MIS04, 4122.

For the first session, we’ll have the pleasure of hearing Jiri Benovsky’s talk on the No-Self View and the Meaning of life. Please find an abstract of his talk below.

**I’ll send you the full programme of EXRE Colloquium for this semester very soon.**

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


I will give a short talk about some thoughts I’ve been having about the meaning of life. Since I endorse the No-Self view, I will start there and explain why such a view might put us on an interesting path towards an understanding of where the meaning of life lies. But the No-Self view is not a necessary component of this, it’s just a useful starting point. Most of all, I would like to conceive this session as a general discussion about the meaning of life : I’ll provide some thoughts during my talk, but it would be great if we could then have a discussion which can depart from my talk and exchange ideas about the meaning of life as we all individually see it.