Oct, 2013 3

Oct, 2013 5

Conference: The Geometry of the Visual Field

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 10:00 - 18:00

This conference is part of the ProDoc Research Module 10: “Experience of space and time” which is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (http://www.philosophie.ch/prodoc-romand/pr_research.php). Its idea is to bring together philosophers with an interest in early modern theory of vision, particularly scholars working on Thomas Reid’s Geometry of Visibles, with philosophers and psychologists who study the geometry of the visual field from a systematic or phenomenological perspective.

Liliana Albertazzi (Trento),
Luciano Boi (Paris),
Fabrice Correia (Neuchatel),
Andrea van Doorn (Delft University),
Lorne Falkenstein (University of Western Ontario),
Giovanni Grandi (UBC Okanagan),
Jan Koenderink (Leuven),
Regina-Nino Kurg (Tallin University),
Hannes Ole Matthiessen (Université de Fribourg),
John Schwenkler (Florida State University),
Mark Wagner (Wagner College, New York).

Information: http://www.philosophie.ch/events/single.php?action=date&eventid=1114
Organiser: Hannes Ole Matthiessen