Jun, 2019 17

Conference: “Fiction and Cognition”

Miloud Belkoniene Time: 23:59 Other


Mariìa Joseì Alcaraz Leoìn (University of Murcia): “More than Make-believe: On the Uses of Imagination in Understanding Fictional Literature”

Stacie Friend (Birbeck College): “The Empirical Dimension of Learning from Fiction”

Peter Lamarque (University of York): “On De-Emphasising Empathy Among Responses

Eileen John (Kent University): “What Is it Like to Experience Something as Fiction?

Derek Matravers (Open University): “Fiction, Internal Inconsistency, and Belief”

Jukka Mikkonen (Tampere University): “Narrative Cognition”

Keith Oatley (University of Toronto): “The truth in fiction: Much more than most people think.”

Lena Wimmer (University of Kent): “Effects of fiction reading on social cognition: A psychological perspective”

Contact: julia.langkau@unifr.ch or patrik.engisch@unifr.ch