Jul 29

Jul 30

Applications of Grounding (Part II)

Alex Moran Time: 10:00 - 17:00 Other

This workshops brings together a range of scholars working on first-order issues in philosophy within a metaphysical grounding framework. We will have talks on various topics, in for example meta-ethics, metaphysics, mind, and ancient philosophy, whereby what unifies the talks is a grounding-theoretic approach. Confirmed speakers include:


Ralf Bader (Fribourg)

Carlo Rossi (Chile)

Taylor Pincin (Columbia, NY)

Zach Blaesi (Austin, Texas)

Stefan Leuenberger (Glasgow)

Anandi Hattiangadi (Stockholm)

Alex Moran (Fribourg)

Francesca Poggiolesi (Université Paris)

Audrey Powers (Rutgers)

Henrik Rhydén, (Uppsala University)

Ralph Weir (Lincoln University)


Those interested in attending the conference dinners should email me at alex.moran@unifr.ch